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RIFE includes the rife/http/redirect.xml element to make it easy to redirect from one location to another. The element supports the following properties:

  • to - The target where the redirection should go to.
  • type - The type of the target, according to this property the target value will be interpreted differently. Currently it supports:
    • url - The 'to' value is a regular URL and will be used as a raw value for the redirect (this is the default value if it hasn't been specified).
    • element - The 'to' value is the ID of an element which will be resolved according to the redirection element that you're defining. It van thus be both relative and absolute.

So you can for instance redirect to the URL of the .SOME_ELEMENT_ID element like this:

<element id="REDIRECT" file="rife/http/redirect.xml" url="/redirecturl">
    <property name="to">.SOME_ELEMENT_ID</property>
    <property name="type">element</property>

or redirect to http://www.uwyn.com like this:

<element id="REDIRECT" file="rife/http/redirect.xml" url="/redirecturl">
    <property name="to">http://www.uwyn.com</property>
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