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IDE plugins fall into different categories. To provide RIFE support I think that we should work in several stages:

  • facilitate regular coding
  • visual design of site structures and element declarations
  • site structure debugging support


facilitate regular coding

This should provide code introspection, structure linking, syntax highlighting and smart templates.

  • highlighting of the template tags
  • code hyper-linking in between different file type
    • click on a template name in the element -> go to the template
    • click on includes in a template -> go to the included template
    • click on the element declaration in the site structure
    • click on subsites
    • click on element implementations
  • intelligent structure views
    • view all element declarations that use a particular implementation
    • template inclusion inheritance
  • a bunch of very easy to use live templates

visual design of site structures and element declarations

We already started work on that several years ago with an old version of the RIFE data model. It does everything from scratch with Java2D and Swing. If people are interested in trying it, you can do so by following these steps:

  • download RIFE's sources
  • ant gui

Note that this was really just an experiment and doesn't do anything useful yet.

site structure debugging support

This will need some additions to RIFE itself too, but it would be extremely cool to be able to set breakpoints in the site structure declarations both in the code as in the visual layout. This would make it possible to trace the activation of the datalinks and to see which values are transferred through datalinks. You should also be able to inspect which submission is activated and what its parameters are.


These are the IDEs for which the efforts will be started (including the developers that are working on it):

  • Eclipse: Emmanuel Okyere, Pierre Raoul, Geert Bevin, Oliver Dohmen
  • X-develop: Geert Bevin
  • IDEA: Keith Lea
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