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This tutorial covers web application development and design using RIFE. The latest version of this tutorial can always be found at http://rifers.org , which also hosts additional resources such as links, mailing lists and an issue tracker for RIFE.


The goal of this tutorial is to get you started with RIFE and explain the framework thoroughly so that you can immediately start using it to develop your web applications.

History of RIFE

Development on RIFE started after having crafted several in-house web application frameworks in Perl, Java and Php. Over the years a certain methodology started to emerge and a growing number of patterns and technology trials proved themselves very useful and extremely maintainable. RIFE is our third generation framework and its development started late 2001 as a full-time endeavour to consolidate everything from the past in a consistant whole.

The main aim is to facilitate a web developer's job by offering easy to comprehend concepts that are never mandatory. They however offer a good trade-off between developer productivity, development comfort, application design, run-time performance and maintenance. We think we've achieved these goals and also succeeded to introduce a large number of exciting and novel concepts which will change your view on application development.

Java web applications

Traditionally web development in Java has been done by using the JSP/Servlets framework which is a Java add-on supported by Sun. Servlets are not necessarily only useful for web applications but are currently used mostly as a replacement for CGIs.

To run your Java web applications you need a web server with servlet support. There are several such server implementations available, that can work as stand alone servers or together with a web server. When working together with a web server, the web server often handles the static pages while the servlet engine handles the dynamic contents.

RIFE has taken Java web development a step further with an even more powerful framework to help you develop, deploy and maintain Java web applications. After reading this tutorial you will have a clear view of the advantages of using RIFE for web application development. As we will show, RIFE can also help you when developing non-web applications.

Keep reading to find out how to get started with rife.

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