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Further Reading

We've covered many of RIFE's basic features, but there is a lot more to RIFE that's beyond the scope of an introductory tutorial. The Cook Book section of the Wiki has information about additional features in the framework, as well as lots of examples and tips.

Here are a few jumping off points, features that are good to know about:

  • Constraints - Supply information about the fields in your beans, and RIFE can automatically generate HTML forms, validate user input, and even create your database tables automatically.
    • Meta data merging - You can specify constraints in sibling classes to avoid putting RIFE-specific code in your business objects.
    • Generic query manager - Automatically generates SQL queries based on your bean metadata. In many cases you can use this to avoid having any SQL at all in your code.
  • Scheduler - RIFE has built-in support for scheduling operations to run at a particular time in the future.

In addition to the Cook Book, there are other resources you can use to learn more:

  • The RIFE mailing lists, especially the users list, is a great place to learn more. Browse the archives and you'll find a wealth of information.
  • For detailed information about RIFE's APIs, see the RIFE Javadoc.
  • Some advanced RIFE users, and even some of the core developers, can often be found on the RIFE IRC channel, where you can chat with them in real time.

Good luck!

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