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RIFE relies on some external libraries for certain of its core functionalities. To make sure that the correct JAR files are available in your application, you can either use the entire RIFE-sumo distribution, or cherry pick the JAR files by using the following matrix. Note that we just list the first part of the names of the JAR files, not the entire name with the version numbers. If you want to make sure that you have the versions we test with, you can take the JAR files from the RIFE-sumo distribution archive.

Functionality Required JAR files
Enable scripted elements bsf (Bean Scripting Framework)
Element implementation scripting languages bsh (Beanshell),
groovy-all (Groovy),
jacl / tcljava (TCL),
janino (scripted Java),
jython (Python),
pnuts (Pnuts),
rhino (Javascript)
Template block-value expressions ognl (OGNL),
groovy-all (Groovy),
janino (scripted Java)
Additional image reading and writing imagej (ImageJ),
imageroreader (ImageroReader),
jai_codec / jai_core / mlibwrapper_jai (Java Advanced Imaging),
jimi (Jimi),
jmagick (JMagick)
Spring framework integration spring-beans / spring-context / spring-core / spring-mock / spring-web (Spring)
Asynchronous mail queue activation / javamail (JavaMail API)
Mail envoy testing subetha-smtp / subetha-wiser (SubEthaSMTP Wiser)
XSLT template transformation resolver / xalan / xercesImpl / xml-apis (Xalan-Java)
some of these might already be in your servlet container's classpath, don't include them again
AJAX remoting dwr (Direct Web Remoting)
Binary web services hessian (Hessian)
SOAP web services activation / commons-codec / commons-httpclient / commons-logging / jaxen / jdom / stax-api / wsdl4j / wstx-asl / xfire-all (XFire)
Database support derby (Apache Derby),
firebirdsql-full (Firebird),
h2 (H2),
hsqldb (HsqlDB),
mckoidb (McKoiSQL),
mysql-connector-java (MySQL),
daffodildb_common / daffodildb_embedded / daffodildb_server (One$DB / DaffodilDB),
oraclejdbc14 (Oracle),
postgresql (PostgreSQL)
HTML parsing during tests nekohtml (NekoHTML)
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