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What makes RIFE unique is:

  • the data flow and the logic flow is independent from the actual implementation and integrated in a simple way,
  • the declarative nature of the data flow removes any doubt of the application's state and makes it possible to see exactly how each component behaves and integrates,
  • the state preservation is bound to the URL and by default travels through the client-side, it works together with the HTTP architecture instead of trying to simulate conventional application state with server-side sessions,
  • pluggable architecture where existing parts of web applications can be integrated as-is and just 're-wired' to integrate the application data and logic flow,
  • Object-oriented architecture between the web application elements and over HTTP (not just in the implementation), this makes it possible to for example inherit behaviour from another element declaratively and for instance apply custom authentication without losing any state or context of the target element or wrapping content in frames without having to manage the framesets seperately or making the urls independent of the actual content,
  • bare-bones 'dumb' templating system that contains just enough to be very flexible but prohibits any logic at all,
  • integrated and easy to use implementation of most common web application features,
  • pluggable backends in that an application can migrate effortlessly from for example an in-memory datastructure for authentication to a database storage.
  • all-in-one framework with minimal lock-in.
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