JUG Talk : Petstore RIFE Edition (JAVAWUG 20)

This is a recording of the Birds-of-a-Feather meetup XX (number 20).

Emmanuel Okyere has been hard at work converting the (in)famous PetStore J2EE reference application up-to-date with the RIFE framework. Find out about RIFE through this presentation.

Here are some of the themes discussed in this video:

  • the RIFE meta programming model
  • using logic-less templates to rebuild the user interface and the process step-by-step replacement of JSP
  • data access using the RIFE data source abstractions
  • refactoring the original Petstore persistent layer with RIFE data layer
  • introducing RIFE style validation into the PetStore application

download (43 min 32 sec)

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