RIFE has been in development since 2001 and many developers already had a chance to try it out and develop applications with it.

Here is what some of them have to say:

Bruce Tate

RIFE is absolutely moving in the right direction.

I think we'll all be using a continuation based approach in the next two or three years or so. It's just too compelling to do things any other way.

With your work, we're one step closer to simple application development in Java. I like the way RIFE is stretching Java.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Good job!

Despite the fact that we obviously look differently upon technology, I'd just like to recognize the good job you're doing pulling Java into a more modern world. RIFE certainly presents itself better than the vast majority of Java tech out there. One should almost think it was a Ruby project ;).

Keith Lea

RIFE is the only framework that lets me have total control over how web applications behave without compromising on end-user experience, features, or productivity. It behaves correctly by default with regards to "Good URL's," correct back/forward semantics, and the rest of the browsing experience. The flow throughout the site and through each page can be easily tailored to exactly what I imagined.

Stéphane Meslin-Weber

RIFE's powerful, intuitive and fast database access layer coupled with its tiny footprint proved ideal for embedded use.

JR Boyens

RIFE is the easiest, cleanest, and most complete framework I've ever worked with regardless of language.

RIFE provides everything a developer needs to create complex, reusable components easily. Using these components, a developer can put together a site as easily as building a circuit from prebuilt components.

Almost anything can be done with the toolkits that are provided by RIFE. No need to reinvent the wheel for every site.

RIFE makes the easy things automatic, the difficult things trivial, and the impossible things just within the reach of your hand.

F Baube

The RIFE model of a web application corresponds to my own mental model: self-contained Java chunks, database objects, HTML templates, and forms, that need only be linked to each other and to URLs, much like Meccanos or Legos.

Maarten Stolte

RIFE separates code and content very strictly, which makes a site extremely easy to maintain. However, the adoption of its MVC approach is not at all difficult, even coming from a PHP background.

I've been particularly pleased with RIFE's idea of flow links, they feel very natural to me. Also, the complete development model feels close to traditional web development. This makes it easy to start, but once you advance further, the many revolutionary concepts make developing website a lot easier.

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