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RIFE is frequently covered in the press with news announcements, articles and interviews. We have selected a number of them below:

TechRepublic : RIFE with Possibilities ...

David Spector wrote an extensive blog entry on CNET TechRepublic about why he selected RIFE to develop his web-based business applications. If you've been wondering why you should bother to look at RIFE, this is a nice overview. The part where he talks about the 'UNlearning curve' is very true ... we've witnessed it many times.

Artima Developer : Continuations in Java

Continuations refer to a functional programming technique that allows you to save the current execution state of a thread, with the possiblity of suspending and later resuming execution. Continuations have been incorporated into several Web application frameworks, including RIFE and WebWork. In this interview with Artima, RIFE project founder Geert Bevin discusses how continuations can simplify complex workflows, and how they are implemented in RIFE.

TheServerSide : Tech Talk - Geert Bevin on RIFE

This talk was recorded at this year's TheServerSide Java Symposium.

It discusses the following topics:

  • the history and rationale behind RIFE
  • which design principles were applied
  • how the framework benefits application developers and how you benefit from it as a team
  • what continuations are and how they work within the servlet model
  • how RIFE's component model compares with others
  • what the benefit is of RIFE/Crud
  • how the templating engine works and why the syntax is different from others
  • when RIFE is a good choice for your application development and which suitations it's less suited for
  • what features are covered by the full-stack and which ones are totally unique

Artima Developer : The Philosophy of RIFE

Frank Sommers interviews Geert Bevin, the founder of the RIFE Web application framework project. In this interview, he talks about the various layers in RIFE, how RIFE approaches configuration and persistence, and the role of continuations in a Web application.

eWeek : Java Is RIFE with Open-Source Development Frameworks,1895,1943809,00.asp

Darryl Taft interviews Geert Bevin at TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas, talking about the history of RIFE and its unique features.

TheServerSide : RIFE 1.5 released

This is the release announcement of version 1.5 in the front-page news section of It contains a number of user testimonials and reader questions.

IBM developerWorks : Continuations, Web development, and Java programming

Bruce Tate writes an article about continuations in a variety of languages and frameworks. RIFE is included as the way to perform continuations in pure Java.

TheServerSide : 10 Things Java Should Steal from Ruby

In this presentation, given at TheServerSide Java Symposium Barcelona in June, Bruce Tate looks at how Java developers, framework designers, and language designers can learn from the capabilities of Ruby to improve Java. He frequently refers to RIFE as being the framework that is the exception since most of the concepts have already been implemented in a unique fashion.

Java Posse : Interview with Geert Bevin about RIFE

Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Dick Wall, and Joe Nuxoll interview Geert Bevin in this podcast and try to understand the benefits of RIFE from a new-comers perspective.

TheServerSide : RIFE compliments and possible future directions

Eddy Young writes about his RIFE adoption experience and how it increased his productivity and his joy during development a lot. After having used JSF for a while he is pleasantly surprised by the power and simplicity of RIFE.

InfoQ : RIFE Java Web Framework 1.5 Released

This is the release announcement of version 1.5 in the front-page news section of It contains an additional short interview with Geert Bevin, the creator of RIFE.

Enterprise OpenSource Magazine : Interesting Times in the Java Enterprise

Rick Hightower talks about the new ideas in the Java enterprise space and includes RIFE for its continuations and meta-programming support.

IBM developerWorks : Exploring Active Record

Bruce Tate looks at Active Record and includes an overview of RIFE's database framework as being the most promising Java approach for wrapping persistence functionality.

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