Web application engine

RIFE's web engine provides you with a solution that values maintainability above everything else, but without compromising on productivity. Its design enforces the creation of clearly structured applications without laying a significant burden on the developer. Actually, thanks to the declaration of all state transitions in a site structure, the web engine, and incidently every developer, has complete knowledge of the entire logic and data flow of your application. This provides you with unique features, for example:

  • build modular applications that can be reused as binary libraries to quickly build new solutions
  • make areas of a page behave as isolated, independent and embedded elements
  • work in a team without having to document the global behaviour of your web application in detail
  • insert new steps into an existing application without changing the existing source code
  • change or localize URLs without having to adapt them all through your source code
  • layer several complex application flows on top of each-other
  • use different JVM languages together in the same application
  • and much more ...

RIFE's site-structure drives its web engine and any modifications will cause the appropriate parts of the application to adapt, without restarting the application. By making it easy for a developer to rely on the information in the site-structure without duplicating it, we ensure that everything is centralized in one location.

RIFE's web engine respects the limitations of HTTP as much as possible and provides features that assist you when preserving state through the client-side. Thanks to the site structure, the engine is able to intelligently use a combination of query string parameters, cookies, continuations and sessions for state preservation, depending on the context and the purpose.

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