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Packages that use Constrained
com.uwyn.rife.authentication.credentials Provides classes and interfaces for credentials and "remember me" data structures. 
com.uwyn.rife.cmf Provides classes, interfaces and elements for the content management framework. 
com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam Provides classes and interfaces for the database access management of the content management framework. 
com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentmanagers Provides managers classes for content information support. 
com.uwyn.rife.database.querymanagers.generic Provides classes and interfaces for the persistance framework. 
com.uwyn.rife.database.types Provides classes for the conversion from Java to SQL values and vice-versa. 
com.uwyn.rife.mail Provides classes and interfaces for the mail queue. 
com.uwyn.rife.scheduler Provides classes and interfaces for the scheduler. Provides classes and interfaces that provide useful features during the creation of a website. 

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.authentication.credentials

Classes in com.uwyn.rife.authentication.credentials that implement Constrained
 class RoleUser
          Provides standard RoleUserCredentials functionalities by implementing the property accessors and setting up basic validation rules.

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.cmf

Classes in com.uwyn.rife.cmf that implement Constrained
 class CmfValidation
          Deprecated. As of RIFE 1.3.2, all the methods moved to the base class Validation
 class ContentInfo
          This class represents all the information that is stored in the backend about a certain Content instance.
 class ContentRepository
          Contains the information that's required to describe a content repository.

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam with parameters of type Constrained
 boolean ContentQueryManager.down(Constrained bean, String propertyName)
          Moves the row that corresponds to the provided bean instance downwards according to a property with an ordinal constraint.
 boolean ContentQueryManager.move(Constrained bean, String propertyName, OrdinalManager.Direction direction)
          Moves the row that corresponds to the provided bean instance according to a property with an ordinal constraint.
 boolean ContentQueryManager.up(Constrained bean, String propertyName)
          Moves the row that corresponds to the provided bean instance upwards according to a property with an ordinal constraint.

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentmanagers

Classes in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentmanagers that implement Constrained
 class DatabaseContentInfo
          This class adds additional properties to the ContentInfo class to be able to store the data in a datab.ase

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.database.querymanagers.generic

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.database.querymanagers.generic with parameters of type Constrained
static Map<String,ManyToManyDeclaration> GenericQueryManagerRelationalUtils.obtainManyToManyDeclarations(GenericQueryManager manager, Constrained constrained, boolean includeAssociations)
static Map<String,ManyToOneAssociationDeclaration> GenericQueryManagerRelationalUtils.obtainManyToOneAssociationDeclarations(GenericQueryManager manager, Constrained constrained)
static Map<String,ManyToOneDeclaration> GenericQueryManagerRelationalUtils.obtainManyToOneDeclarations(GenericQueryManager manager, Constrained constrained, String fixedMainProperty, Class fixedAssocationType)
static Object GenericQueryManagerRelationalUtils.restoreLazyManyToOneProperty(GenericQueryManager manager, Constrained constrained, String propertyName, String propertyTypeClassName)
          Restores a constrained many-to-one property value that is lazily loaded.

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.database.types

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.database.types with parameters of type Constrained
 void SqlConversion.setTypedParameter(DbPreparedStatement statement, int parameterIndex, Class targetType, String name, Object value, Constrained constrained)

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.mail

Classes in com.uwyn.rife.mail that implement Constrained
 class Email
          Contains the details of an email message that will be sent through the mail queue.

Uses of Constrained in com.uwyn.rife.scheduler

Classes in com.uwyn.rife.scheduler that implement Constrained
 class Task
 class Taskoption

Uses of Constrained in

Classes in that implement Constrained
 class MetaData<B extends ConstrainedBean,P extends ConstrainedProperty>
          This abstract base class can be conveniently used to added Constrained and ValidatedConstrained meta data to a POJO.
 class Validation<B extends ConstrainedBean,P extends ConstrainedProperty>

Methods in that return Constrained
static Constrained ConstrainedUtils.getConstrainedInstance(Class beanClass)
static Constrained ConstrainedUtils.makeConstrainedInstance(Object bean)

Methods in with parameters of type Constrained
static boolean ConstrainedUtils.editConstrainedProperty(Constrained bean, String propertyName, String prefix)
static boolean ConstrainedUtils.fileConstrainedProperty(Constrained bean, String propertyName, String prefix)
static boolean ConstrainedUtils.persistConstrainedProperty(Constrained bean, String propertyName, String prefix)
static boolean ConstrainedUtils.saveConstrainedProperty(Constrained bean, String propertyName, String prefix)

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