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Packages that use Email
com.uwyn.rife.mail Provides classes and interfaces for the mail queue. 
com.uwyn.rife.mail.dam Provides classes for the database access management of the mail queue. 
com.uwyn.rife.mail.executors Provides executor classes for the processing of the mail queue with a scheduler. 

Uses of Email in com.uwyn.rife.mail

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.mail that return Email
 Email Email.bcc(String bccAddress)
          Adds a bcc email address.
 Email Email.bccAddresses(String bccAddresses)
          Sets the bcc email addresses.
 Email Email.body(String body)
          Sets the body.
 Email ccAddress)
          Adds a cc email address.
 Email Email.ccAddresses(String ccAddresses)
          Sets the cc email addresses.
 Email Email.from(String from)
          Sets the from email address.
 Email id)
          Sets the id.
 Email Email.subject(String subject)
          Sets the subject.
 Email toAddress)
          Adds a to email address.
 Email Email.toAddresses(String toAddresses)
          Sets the to email addresses.

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.mail with parameters of type Email
 boolean MailQueueExecutor.isDeliveryAllowed(Email email)
          Checks whether an Email instance is allowed to be delivered.
 boolean MailQueueManager.queue(Email email)
          Adds the provided email to the queue.

Uses of Email in com.uwyn.rife.mail.dam

Fields in com.uwyn.rife.mail.dam with type parameters of type Email
protected  GenericQueryManager<Email> DatabaseMailQueue.mManager

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.mail.dam with parameters of type Email
 boolean DatabaseMailQueue.queue(Email email)

Uses of Email in com.uwyn.rife.mail.executors

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.mail.executors with parameters of type Email
 boolean DatabaseMailQueueExecutor.isDeliveryAllowed(Email email)

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