Package com.uwyn.rife.continuations

Provides continuations functionalities natively in Java.


Interface Summary
ContinuableObject Interface that needs to be implemented by classes that should support continuations functionalities and become resumable.
ContinuationConfigInstrument This interface needs to be implemented to configure the bytecode instrumentation that enables the continuations functionalities.

Class Summary
CallState Contains the state of a call continuation.
ContinuationConfigRuntime<T extends ContinuableObject> Configures the runtime behavior of the continuations engine.
ContinuationContext<T extends ContinuableObject> Contains all contextual data of one particular continuation.
ContinuationManager<T extends ContinuableObject> Manages a collection of ContinuationContext instances.
ContinuationStack [PRIVATE AND UNSUPPORTED] Contains the local state of a continuation.

Package com.uwyn.rife.continuations Description

Provides continuations functionalities natively in Java.

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