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Packages that use ContentInfo
com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam Provides classes and interfaces for the database access management of the content management framework. 
com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentmanagers Provides managers classes for content information support. 
com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentstores Provides managers classes for content data support. 

Uses of ContentInfo in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam that return ContentInfo
 ContentInfo ContentManager.getContentInfo(String location)
          Retrieves the content info from a certain location.

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam with parameters of type ContentInfo
 String ContentStore.getContentForHtml(int id, ContentInfo info, ElementSupport element, String serveContentExitName)
          Retrieves a content data representation for use in html.
 String ContentStore.getContentType(ContentInfo contentInfo)
          Generates the HTTP content type that corresponds best to the information in the provided ContentInfo.

Uses of ContentInfo in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentmanagers

Subclasses of ContentInfo in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentmanagers
 class DatabaseContentInfo
          This class adds additional properties to the ContentInfo class to be able to store the data in a datab.ase

Uses of ContentInfo in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentstores

Methods in com.uwyn.rife.cmf.dam.contentstores with parameters of type ContentInfo
 String DatabaseTextStore.getContentForHtml(int id, ContentInfo info, ElementSupport element, String serveContentExitName)
 String DatabaseRawStore.getContentForHtml(int id, ContentInfo info, ElementSupport element, String serveContentExitName)
 String DatabaseImageStore.getContentForHtml(int id, ContentInfo info, ElementSupport element, String serveContentExitName)
 String DatabaseTextStore.getContentType(ContentInfo contentInfo)
 String DatabaseRawStore.getContentType(ContentInfo contentInfo)
 String DatabaseImageStore.getContentType(ContentInfo contentInfo)

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