Class DatabaseUsers.ListDatabaseUsers

  extended by com.uwyn.rife.database.DbRowProcessor
      extended by com.uwyn.rife.authentication.credentialsmanagers.DatabaseUsers.ListDatabaseUsers
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protected static class DatabaseUsers.ListDatabaseUsers
extends DbRowProcessor

Constructor Summary
DatabaseUsers.ListDatabaseUsers(ListUsers listUsers)
Method Summary
 boolean processRow(ResultSet resultSet)
          This method has to be implemented by each class that extends the DbRowProcessor class.
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Constructor Detail


public DatabaseUsers.ListDatabaseUsers(ListUsers listUsers)
Method Detail


public boolean processRow(ResultSet resultSet)
                   throws SQLException
Description copied from class: DbRowProcessor
This method has to be implemented by each class that extends the DbRowProcessor class. It has to contain all the logic that should be executed for each row of a resultset.

Specified by:
processRow in class DbRowProcessor
resultSet - the ResultSet instance that was provided to the DbQueryManager's fetch method.
true if the processing is considered successful; or

false if the processing is considered failed.

Note: this return value is purely indicative and unless the user does checks with the wasSuccessful() method, it will have no influence on anything.

SQLException - when a database error occurs, it's thus not necessary to catch all the possible SQLExceptions inside this method. They'll be caught higher up and be transformed in DatabaseExceptions.
See Also:
DbQueryManager.fetch(ResultSet, DbRowProcessor), DbRowProcessor.wasSuccessful()

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