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So RIFE... It's genius. Bevin has done amazing things I must say. Like I said in my first post, I'm a law student architecting a product for a company in China. I've worked with the Web, Wireless, and Java for I don't even know how many years now and it's wonderful to have a framework like RIFE.

1) It's still in development: some people don't like this, but to me it's a must. It allows new additions, improvements, etc.

2) Bevin is a great guy: another must. He's helpful, available, and cares about his product and users.

3) It doesn't follow norms about the web, instead it makes improvements on it. Things like CRUD, Continuations, CMS integration, new templating concepts, all genius, new, and exactly what all software should strive for. RIFE isn't re-inventing; it's changing the way we build a website.

4) Open source: a plus. I'm not a zealot about OS, but it has some great advantages. I can tweak the code, remove things I don't need, add little hacks here and there if needed. While RIFE doesn't need a lot of hacking, when I need to tweak I can. The code is clean and well maintained.

I'll try to compile some of the things I've noticed from digging around the docs, examples, videos, IRC, and mailing lists and post it up so if anyone runs into a similar problem it'll be in one spot.

posted by Tyler Pitchford in RIFE on Jan 26, 2006 2:49 AM : 1 comment [permalink]

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