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Can Wardialing help in a war?
First off, finals are over and I'm back to being human for a few months (yay!). Second I still love RIFE and now I'll have time to use it. Thrid and the point of this post is can the old BBS days trick of Wardialing to find connections help in a war?

What I mean is there have been several articles posted on bombs being set off remotely by cell phones in Iraq and other places like Bangladesh. I was just wondering if it would be possible to have the phone company periodically just ring all the phones and set off the bombs before they're supposed to detonate. Obviously using simple triangulation, etc. the possible canidates for dialing could be lowered, but either way it's still the principle that's interesting.

Might be better than using cell phone jammers. If nothing else it would make the detonators more complex and harder to build instead of a simple 5V or whatever pulse off the phones speaker there would have to be some kind of tone reader to check for key presses or at least a counter for X rings.

posted by Tyler Pitchford in war_quips. on Dec 5, 2006 10:04 PM : 38 comments [permalink]

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