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Software and Reputations
I do work for a . They're a reputation engine site, think ebay's feedback, but without being tied to any one company. The concept is to create a reputation that you can take anywhere. Interesting concept, I think, but I wanted to know what others think.

Anyway, their site is built on ASP / IIS (ugh) and I'm trying to get them over to RIFE. I remember many an hour spent working with their developers to build Mail Queues, RSS feeds, CSS, blah blah blah. When I look at RIFE and Ikarma, I realize how much time would have been saved, oh well.

Here's what the badge looks like, I want a dynamic image showing my stars, but it'll be another week or two until the Web 2.0 stuff rolls out. Whenever that's released I'll have my API to the ratings data and can have my way with the badges, woo.

So what does everyone think of a portable reputation engine? I know it's trite but I really like playing with the network viewer, heh.
posted by Tyler Pitchford in RIFE on Feb 10, 2006 6:16 AM : 3 comments [permalink]


Re: Software and Reputations
I like the "Network Viewer" :)
Was it done by iKarma or is the script somewhere available?
Re: Software and Reputations
The script flash was done specifically for iKarma. Sounds like a good open-source project to start up though
Re: Software and Reputations
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