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JIA: The first night
[series of entries regarding my trip to JIA]

Wow. What a long day. Started at 5am and ended at about 1a.

Got on my first flight in Omaha. Tiny tiny plane. Couldn't even stand up. Got to Houston a little early which was really nice. It's been a while since I've been in Houston and I realized I missed it a bit.

Couldn't find any internet connections even though they were advertised. Ended up walking around with my laptop recording WAP connections to find one at the President's Club. Ended up getting myself a little bit of a following with business users using the WiFi connection and the power connection I found as well.

Second flight from Orlando to Houston was MUCH better. It was a 757 so it was much bigger. I ended up getting the entire row to myself. All three seats. So much better for working. I know how first class business travelers feel now. :)

Once I got to Orlando I just had to wait for a few minutes before Geert showed up. Was really nice to finally meet him. We ended up deciding to get a shuttle ($17 / person) instead of a taxi ($50). It took more than an hour to get from the airport to the resort where the conference is located. I don't know if it's just that far or if the shuttle driver was just being "safe".

The hotel is quite nice. Very well designed. Doesn't feel lik e Disney at all. Feels like a coastal-type hotel. Met up with a few friends from IRC and from the Java community. Went out for a rather expensive dinner. Hey, I splurged once. McDonalds from now on. :)

After that we met up with a couple other people and had a really great dicussion session over a couple of beers. I'm really looking forward to more of those sessions. The best thing about this conference so far is the people. I'm really liking the community that showed up at JIA. I was nervous at first that I'd be the young guy, or the unknown guy, but I was immediately accepted and treated as an equal. I'm not so nervous anymore and I'm really looking forward to more of the conference.

Stay tuned here for up to date reports from the different sessions that I'm attending.
posted by JR Boyens in JIA on Oct 5, 2005 5:20 PM : 0 comments [permalink]


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< Thoughts about the Java In Action conference   JIA: Building Portals with Portlets, Content Repositories and WSRP with Doug Bateman >
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