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Game Review : Alone in the Dark for XBox 360

box artThis is a first for me, I don't usually review games. I like Alone in the Dark so much thought, that I felt like talking about it.

I bought this game after having read all the bad reviews out there. However, it seemed to me that most criticisms boiled down to the reviewers being unable to handle the controls or being unwilling to take a little bit of time to get used to them. The graphics that I saw, the description of the features, the game play, and the storyline all attracted me, so I got the game a week ago.

I just finished it and I have to say that I rarely have had so much fun with a game. It's entirely different from any other next gen title out there in that it generally allows you to take your time and think things through. You can combine many real world objects to create bombs, set cars on fire, create gasoline trails, glue molotov cocktails to enemies, etc. The right approach often gets you through a tough spot without have to resort close combat. I've seen videos of players just storming into scenes and having an impossible time getting through them because they didn't properly look at the possibilities beforehand.

This game stems from the great line of adventure games of old, yet it take everything into this new generation by give you a great free-roaming world with kick ass physics. Sure, there are frustrating sections that take a lot of practice and skill to succeed (like the car chases), but if you don't like this kind of game play ... just skip it. With its DVD menu system, Alone In The Dark let's you play what you want and doesn't force you, what a novel idea! Personally, I found these sections thrilling since after some practice you get through them and really feel a sense of accomplishment.

What more to say. The inventory system is awesome and not frustrating thanks to the shortcuts that you can setup. The switch between first person and third person isn't gratuitous and instead serve very different purposes and allow you to fully appreciate the game. The fighting system where you control the weapon with the right analog stick is just awesome. It's like having a mini Wii controller on the 360's game pad. Additionally, it allows you grab objects and move them around you in three-dimensional space to solve puzzles. This is once more very innovative and refreshing.

Finally, it seems to me that Alone in the Dark is a work of art and that it's simple not appreciated by the mainstream press. This is nothing new and often happens to visionaries. I for one hope that Eden Studios will continue along this path and surprise me with other games in the future. We need studios that dare to step outside the beaten path and execute this in such a masterful way as Alone in the Dark.

Thanks a lot for this game!


Everything oozes quality. The menu system, the inventory, the atmosphere, the in-game hints. Perfect score!
The graphics are in general top-notch though there's some clipping or frame rate dips. The whole cinematic feel is dead on though and regularly shows breathtaking scenes.
Perfect and thrilling! This music score could have been done for a Hollywood block buster!
It takes a little while to get used to the large set of controls. They quickly feel natural though and allow you to interact with the world in a totally novel fashion.
7.0Lasting Appeal
The game is short and I will probably not replay it. However, the story line and atmosphere is so good that it will probably become one of those reference games that I think of for many years to come.
(out of 10 / not an average)
posted by Geert Bevin in Gaming on Aug 10, 2008 10:55 PM : 2 comments [permalink]


Re: Game Review : Alone in the Dark for XBox 360
The graphics and design of this game are amazing! The play is a little slow at times, but not hindering. I like how you can pick up random things and set them on fire to kill the enemies.

I Hyped Alone in the dark on Everhype and gave it 91% which I think is fairly accurate.

I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it . If you get on there, rate me a 5 & request friendship.
Re: Game Review : Alone in the Dark for XBox 360
Alone in the Dark for XBox 360 Rocks!

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< Channel Intelligence's European patent application is in bad shape   JavaZone 2008 : Bytecode Manipulation in the Real World >
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