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RIFE and OpenLaszlo users get together at JavaOne 2007

I already bumped into some RIFE users on the conference floor and I thought it would be nice to at least set a time apart to have some drinks together and exchange war stories ;).

I propose that we meet today, May 9th at 17h30, at the Thirsty Bear. This is right before the JavaOne bloggers party, so you don't have to miss that. Maybe we can even spread the word about our favorite projects!

Even if you don't know open any of the projects in detail but are interested cutting-edge web development, native Java continuations, Rich Internet Applications, ... you're welcome to stop by for a chat.

If you don't know what I look like, here's a recent picture: :D

My head

posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on May 9, 2007 6:09 PM : 0 comments [permalink]


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< Wrong assumptions about OpenLaszlo   Apple tech support sucks in Belgium >
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