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Flex to be open-sourced

Adobe just announced that it will open source Flex under the MPL license.

I find this quite funny since when Flex was initially released you had to go through a stringent selection process before you were even granted a free developer license. At that time they judged that Bla-bla List didn't meet the requirements and my plans to create an alternative open-source version in Flex as a comparison couldn't go through.

When people have been asking me about Flex at conferences, I've been saying that to be successful it will have to be open-sourced. It seems they eventually realized that nowadays this is a requirement for any development platform. Kudos to Adobe for that.

Sadly, this will now make it even more difficult for OpenLaszlo to defend its case. I still think that it's a superior solution since the programming language is much closer to what people are used to in Javascript development. Also, the fact that OpenLaszlo now supports multiple runtime environments such as DHTML and soon JavaME, is a major bonus. However, going up against the huge Adobe marketing machine will now be any even more difficult task.

posted by Geert Bevin in IT on Apr 26, 2007 11:26 AM : 3 comments [permalink]


Re: Flex to be open-sourced
I still dont really believe in properiaty stuff to take over, weither laszlo , flex or xaml. Also all that new stuff is not truly dynamic. You cannot work in generic manner, what I mean by that is that the server cannot generate a UI on the fly. Everything is as static as good be and has to be typed out, you end up with an unmaintainable mess. I stay on the server and welcome you all back some years from now. Try to build some autocrud with it and you will soon know what I mean. Geert have you heard any news about full hot swap, dolphin snapshots can be downloaded already but I dont believe it is in there.
Re: Flex to be open-sourced
Dennis, with a RIA your application is designed totally differently. You shouldn't be generating pages (applications) on the fly. They should function as fully independent applications that consume services on the server-side, typically RESTful services. If your RIA application creates a front-end with CRUD capabilities, it should contain all the features that should be available, interpret the XML that is sent by the server-side service and build a suitable interface for it itself, just like you would do with a Swing application.

I haven't heard anything about full hot swap, I'll bring it up when I can at JavaOne.
Re: Flex to be open-sourced
Geert , I did so in Laszlo, it was terrible. But mainly because it was done in a loosly typed language (javascript). With an IDE like eclipse and a strong typed language I would give it a try again but for now I stick with html and ajax generated on the server, I am cool with that. I am playing with the tought of building such thing in an applet but I dont have much time anymore to play around unfortunately and what I have now works pretty good for me. I am very curious to any news regarding full hot swap, make yourself heard :D

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