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Continuations will become clusterable

Last Friday, during JavaOne, Ari from Terracotta was so kind to receive me at their offices. Arrived there, I was very happy to see that both Jonas Bonér (AspectWerkz fame) and Eugene Kuleshov (ASM expert) were part of our meeting.

The purpose was to go over RIFE's continuations implementation and see if, using Terracotta's technology, it would be easy to make them clusterable without having to trouble developers with the burden of making everything serializable (and them probably getting it wrong).

First I did a quick practical demo of the benefits of continuations, so that we were all on the same page. It was nice to see the positive reactions when I demoed continuations debugging for a basic order workflow. The recently added step-back support (great for form-based back buttons) particularly grasped their interest.

We quite quickly delved into the actual implementation of continuations to find where we could hook in their Distributed Shared Objects magic. I really enjoyed talking about all this with people that actually understood JVM bytecode (and probably much better than me) and were experts in the ASM toolkit.

It turned out that RIFE's continuations implementation doesn't have to change one single bit and that Terracotta mostly just needs to configure their existing technology to make it a drop-in no-brainer solution for developers.

So the plan now is for me to finally update the standalone RIFE/Continuations library with the current state of the source code, change RIFE itself to use it, and provide a clear overview and unittests to Terracotta so that they can kick-off the effort for their part. In a couple of months I'm sure we'll finally achieve fault tolerant native Java web continuations with failover and great scalability.


posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on May 25, 2006 1:46 PM : 1 comment [permalink]


Re: Continuations will become clusterable
Great! I am looking forward to this..

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