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Drone Information Bot v1.4 released

Drone is a Java IRC Information bot written with the RIFE framework. It has a modular API that makes it possible to easily extend and customize the active feature set.

It sports a modern web administration interface to handle all common tasks and a public logging section with an advanced web search. It also provides a remote IRC messaging REST API to allow easy integration with notification services. Installation is done by simply dropping a war in your servlet container or by running it straight from the standalone distribution.

The highlights of this release are:

  • support for channel and server passwords
  • new 'HttpError' module that detects URL typos and warns about them
  • new 'Do' module to make the bot perform an action in a channel
  • new 'Regexp' module to correct your own typos intelligibly
  • bugfixes related to NickServ identification
  • added support for channel names with multiple hashes
  • shell and batch script fixes
  • upgrades of 3rd party libraries
  • permanent connection fixes
  • added support for locale providers to be able to configure the log output format

Many thanks go to Andy Miller and Sven Helmberger for their contributions.

Visit the homepage at for more details:

You can see it running at:

Download it from:

Have fun!

posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Jan 20, 2006 12:18 PM : 0 comments [permalink]


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< Java webhosting discounts for RIFE users   "In Bed with RIFE" : first episode of the RIFE podcast >
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