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< What's next for Rich Internet Applications?   Announcing RIFE/Continuations, pure Java continuations for everyone >
Prominent Java developers praise the RIFE framework

RIFE's 1.0 release attracted quite some attention from prominent Java developers.

The announcement thread on The ServerSide contains a lot of encouraging and supportive comments.

If you've never given RIFE a look because you thought it was just another action-based MVC framework, think again. There are many features that are available nowhere else and its core web engine is totally unique, offering possibilities to your web application that would be impossible or very tedious with other frameworks.

It is also the only full-stack Java web application framework that is actively working towards simplifying development through the integration of all the layers, without giving in on maintainability, innovation and performance.

The fact that you only need one RIFE jar, that the Jumpstart gets you up and running running in a matter of seconds, that we implemented support for native Java web continuations and that we provide a completely integrated content management framework are excellent examples of this.

Here are a few quotes to back this statement up:

Bruce Tate (Author of Better, Faster, Lighter Java, from our TSS announcement)

I think we'll all be using a continuation based approach in the next two or three years or so. It's just too compelling to do things any other way.

RIFE is absolutely moving in the right direction.

With your work, we're one step closer (to simple application development in Java). I like the way you're stretching Java.

Guillaume Laforge (Groovy developer, from his Vanward interview)

There are other interesting projects using Groovy, such as Geert Bevin's RIFE framework which contains a CRUD-part that allows you to define your domain classes in Groovy, and ta-da, you've got a CRUD webapp deployed in no time.

Patrick Lightbody (WebWork developer, from the rife-devel mailinglist)

I think that RIFE in general is a very excellent application framework (not just a web development framework) and am especially pleased with the continuation support.

Eelco Hillenius (Wicket developer, from their mailinglist)

I left two comments on The ServerSide, both positive, but I looks like they didn't come through.
Part of the comments I left on TSS was that I think RIFE is a great improvement over the web MVC frameworks.

I think it is great that RIFE fills in a place that is unique in the web framework space. It follows an approach that is not used by other frameworks, and that alone means that it gives Java developers more real choice.

posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Sep 15, 2005 2:52 PM : 0 comments [permalink]


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< What's next for Rich Internet Applications?   Announcing RIFE/Continuations, pure Java continuations for everyone >
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