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RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released

RIFE/Laszlo is based on RIFE/Jumpstart and geared towards easily getting started with the creation of Rich Internet Applications using OpenLaszlo.

This release offers the following:

  • added out-of-container tests of the REST backend
  • added asynchronous zip-code lookup example
  • upgraded RIFE to version 1.3.1
  • upgraded OpenLaszlo to version 3.1.1
  • upgraded Jetty to version 5.1.4

The demo of the basic RIFE/Laszlo application can be seen at, and more information about how to use it can be found in the readme.

RIFE/Laszlo can be downloaded from our download section.

posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Dec 27, 2005 6:54 PM : 9 comments [permalink]


Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
Why not improve the demo a bit with 2 or 3 pages?
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
Any suggestions with what to do in them? The thing is that it's meant to be a jumpstart to develop new applications with. If there's too much in there that needs to be deleted before being able to start with your own application, it kinda defeats its purpose.
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
This is pretty exciting for me as I've had my eyes on Rife and OpenLaszlo for months now. However, I'm having a hard time understanding how the two technologies integrate. Geert, would it be possible to explain from a high level view how you integrate the two? In particular I'm interested in knowing how you use Laszlo on the front end and Rife for the back end. I've felt that Laszlo is weak for database driven sites and am hoping that Rife fills that gap.
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
Hi Steve,

basically, RIFE provides a REST api that be used by any client side technology that is able to deal with HTTP and XML. The cool thing is that OpenLaszlo is really leveraging this and you can bind your components to the XML that you receive from your datasets. They will then update automatically when you ask OpenLaszlo to retrieve new content from the datasets. You can find a simple example of this in RIFE/Laszlo itself, look at how the zipcode is looked up in the background and the city and state fields are filled in automatically from the results.

Creating your architecture like this has other benefits, you for instance allow anybody to create any kind of frontend for your web application and allow people to use to features that you provide in many ways that you never even imagined.

If you want more information, we can discuss this on the rife-users mailinglist. I'll gladly point your into some other directions.

Best regards,
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
Reg the Demo:
Bear in mind that there is a plethora of web frameworks in Java. Hence to get a casual developer look deper into your technology, it would be nice to have one decent and compelling demo. For instance a simple RSS Reader for JavaBlogs or a Blogger. Just a thought!
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
There's a comprehensive RIFE and OpenLaszlo demo as a separate project:

The official 1.0 release will be announced next week, but it's been running and serving thousands of users for more than 6 months now.
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
I'm running Ubuntu and it doesn't work for me.
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released
Ubuntu is missing some fonts that are critical for Flash to function, I refer you to FAQ number 3 on this page:
Re: RIFE/Laszlo 1.3.1 released

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