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RIFE buzz at JavaPolis

JavaPolis turned out to be a great event, it's rare to meet that many interesting high-profile people and have such a large amount of networking opportunities. The general atmosphere was extremely loose, I even had Neil Gafter crawling underneath some tables to help me connect my laptop to the internet. I only realized it was him afterwards.

I spent the entire first day talking about RIFE. After the 2 1/2h university session in the morning about RIFE's web engine, constraints and RIFE/Crud, I immediately followed up with a quickie that focused on web continuations. This generated a lot of interest and I spent most of my afternoon doing private demonstrations, explaining various aspects in more detail.

Since so many had already been said about RIFE during the day, I expected the evening BOF to have almost no attendants. I was amazed to see the room being almost fully packed. We had a nice interactive session and lots of people asked smart questions and tried to see how to fit RIFE into their current architecture or how it compared to their existing technology stack. I mostly gave some short explanations and then showed excerpts of a presentation or showed some code to make them see what exactly was going on. After the BOF itself, we still continued talking in the hallway for quite a while.

The rest of the week, I regularly ran into people that knew about our framework and that wanted some brief overview. I rehearsed the 'RIFE introduction paragraphs' pretty well now ;)

All this culminated into Thursday evening when I recorded a technology video interview with Floyd Marinescu from TheServerSide fame. The results should be published fairly soon.

It great to see that many interest being built up. Exciting times are ahead as the Java community starts to realize the importance of The Long Tail and the need for small shops to be able to push out very functional solutions quickly in a maintainable fashion.

posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Dec 20, 2005 3:29 PM : 0 comments [permalink]


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< RIFE 1.3 released   Slides for "Web continuations in Java with RIFE" >
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