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< re: RIFE with automatic CRUD scaffolding worth looking at   How badly do you want Hotswap to improve? >
Rails creator congratulates RIFE

It was nice meeting David Heinemeier Hansson at O'Reilly's EuroOSCON. We had a bit of a laugh about the online 'arguments' we had before.

When I got back from the conference, I received a mail from David, he apparently looked a closer to what we try to do with RIFE. This is what he sent me:

Subject: Good job!
Despite the fact that we obviously look differently upon technology, I'd just like to recognize the good job you're doing pulling Java into a more modern world. RIFE certainly presents itself better than the vast majority of Java tech out there. One should almost think it was a Ruby project ;).

The discussion we had afterwards is quite interesting too, so I'm pasting it below:

I actually come from a scripting background and bringing simplicity to Java was part of the initial endeavor. While many of the things we do are similar, important core parts are different (mainly the declaration thing). Probably because I have been bitten a lot in the past with huge websites in PHP where no centralized structure made it impossible to maintain them. I thus tried to find a solution that married both approaches.
PHP can indeed turn you off dynamic languages. That's also why I really dislike having a single moniker like "dynamic languages" cover both perl, python, ruby, and php. Ruby is much more an opposite of PHP than its similar.
I fear though that not many people doing Java are open for the 'quick results without a headache' approach unless they totally switch over to another language or platform. RIFE walking a middle road doesn't help much for its adoption though, but that's another story ;-)
I think that's a very precise analysis. As long as people are in denial of a world outside, Struts will seem like the only way. And a rebel framework like RIFE stand as little chance as Rails. But as soon as they open up, I think they want to distance as much as possible (and thus Rails provide the exact opposite of the Struts in a lot of ways).
posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Oct 28, 2005 10:59 AM : 3 comments [permalink]


Re: Rails author congratulates RIFE
Nice! I was already thinking of looking into it (RIFE, that is) but I haven't really got the time lately.

Should I put RIFE in my bag of tools when I'm off to the RAD-Race?
Re: Rails author congratulates RIFE
When you know RIFE and RIFE/Crud, you can be very productive with it. It takes some time to be proficient with though, but I suppose that's the case for anything.
Re: Rails creator congratulates RIFE
Rife World Domination !

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< re: RIFE with automatic CRUD scaffolding worth looking at   How badly do you want Hotswap to improve? >
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