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CALL FOR ACTION: vote with us, HotSwap has to improve

This is a call for action to vote on Sun's bug 4910812 to make the JVM HotSwap support class API changes as well as method implementation changes. This would make Java exactly as agile as any scripting language. It is the single most annoying problem with the JVM for me at this moment.

Keith Lea and Patrick Lightbody feel exactly the same.

posted by Geert Bevin in Java on Oct 11, 2005 6:09 PM : 9 comments [permalink]
JIA slides and examples available: "The Server-side Architecture Behind OpenLaszlo Applications"

My presentation last week at Java In Action entitled "The Server-side Architecture Behind OpenLaszlo Applications" went very well.

For those that attended it or that are interested and couldn't make it, I put the slides and the example code online:

Keynote  Full quality Keynote presentation (13,37MB)

QuickTime  Full quality QuickTime movie (73,62MB)

QuickTime  Medium quality QuickTime movie (7,29MB)

PDF  Static PDF document (0.88MB)

Zip archive  Ready-to-run example archive (12,49MB)

I made a couple of changes based on the comments that I received after the presentation, it should be a bit clearer now for people that don't know what MVC is (yeah, it seems that not everybody does).

posted by Geert Bevin in Laszlo on Oct 11, 2005 5:50 PM : 0 comments [permalink]
Java In Action rocked

Yesterday I came back home after having spent more than 16 hours in planes and airports and dealt a bit with the obvious jet lag.

The first Java In Action conference was a big success. Sure, there were some minor issues due to it being the first time and all, but I genuinely had an interesting time and lots of fun. I'm already looking forward to next year and judging from some of the plans they were making, it's going to be an even better conference!


posted by Geert Bevin in JIA on Oct 11, 2005 4:17 PM : 4 comments [permalink]
RIFE misconceptions

It seems that there are a lot of misconceptions and prejudgements regarding the RIFE framework. Last week I read the most striking collection of these in a framework comparison document that was written for the Scooby project. Basically, everything they state is completely wrong. It feels like they merely based their findings on unresearched assumptions from reading a few example snippets.

Here are the facts that set straight some very common misconceptions:


posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Oct 11, 2005 11:17 AM : 1 comment [permalink]
RIFE makes the SD Times

"RIFE is making headlines, I want to know more about it." some people told me during Java in Action. At first I thought they were referring to the announcement on TheServerSide. It however seems that we're being spotted by other news publications.

The SD Times covered our 1.0 release with an article that does more than just copying the release notes. They correctly summarize and describe some of the most important benefits of the web engine design.

Thanks SD Times!

posted by Geert Bevin in RIFE on Oct 11, 2005 7:28 AM : 0 comments [permalink]

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