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Testing Flash Applications Slides
The last few weeks have been spent working around the clock trying to get the champagnes uncorked on a project we've been working on for Orange; that does not excuse me for waiting this long to post my presentation slides. Still, I hope those who were expecting them to go up can find some forgiveness for me... and yes, I am posting them up ahead of time for today's meeting, so I can eke out some more guinness out of y'all :p

Here they are in ODP and PDF

I am using the little time I can make after work, hopefully by the weekend to wrap up a RIFE Petstore app to answer this, after which I intend to make about 4 posts covering testing regular Objects and GUIs and showing further how these lead to better designs; these posts will be intended to serve as a tutorial and checklist for those interested in pursuing this further.


posted by Emmanuel Okyere in Web Applications on Apr 20, 2006 8:50 AM : 4 comments [permalink]


Re: Testing Flash Applications Slides
The presentation slides look great. Are they supposed to be professional? I'm ready for my beer though.

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Re: Testing Flash Applications Slides
this presentation is great and professional.
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Re: Testing Flash Applications Slides
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Re: Testing Flash Applications Slides
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< obligatory first post   Testing Flash Applications MMUG Presentation Video >
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