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V2 Components Project Lead, Show Your Face
So who at Adobe (fomerly Macromedia) was responsible for the v2 components? Seriously, I want to know. I want you to come up, and face questions from the community about this piece of poo/crap (yes, for the most part) that you've created; that everybody has to depend on because we want something standard to use across board.

Seriously, how did this project get past QA? or did it?

How can you create a component set that just refuses to allow itself to be programmed? even after drilling down to the component, and trying every hack possible on earth? Do you actually have an API to this piece of crap that works? Oh! and while you are at it, where does the 10066329 or (0x999999) magically get applied to the ComboBox? I want to know? Oh! how many people have submitted bugs/improvement requests to you on those components? Do you even take a look at them? Adobe, do you even care?

Why should I waste 2 hours on trying to get a damn color to change, only to have it magically set to 0x999999... no trace of that number whatsoever after a code search? I really really want to know.

I think you should be mounted on stage, whoever led this project; and for every magic the v2s do, or for any inconsistency that everyone has been crying about for ages, that you can't answer to get a bit of egg yolk magically splashed on you. I really think so. After a good set of peltings, I'm sure v2s might finally get a few good looks, from whatever few good coders you had on this project... or whatever... at least I know my current frustrations on this piece of poo you created would have had a bit of an outlet... till I have to tell you how much I hate them again.
posted by Emmanuel Okyere in Flash on Apr 24, 2006 4:34 PM : 56 comments [permalink]
Testing Flash Applications MMUG Presentation Video
A big thanks to my buddy Tink for recording both Aral's session and mine at the London MMUG meeting for March. He has made them available via the web from here

posted by Emmanuel Okyere in Presentations on Apr 20, 2006 9:10 AM : 2 comments [permalink]
Testing Flash Applications Slides
The last few weeks have been spent working around the clock trying to get the champagnes uncorked on a project we've been working on for Orange; that does not excuse me for waiting this long to post my presentation slides. Still, I hope those who were expecting them to go up can find some forgiveness for me... and yes, I am posting them up ahead of time for today's meeting, so I can eke out some more guinness out of y'all :p

Here they are in ODP and PDF

I am using the little time I can make after work, hopefully by the weekend to wrap up a RIFE Petstore app to answer this, after which I intend to make about 4 posts covering testing regular Objects and GUIs and showing further how these lead to better designs; these posts will be intended to serve as a tutorial and checklist for those interested in pursuing this further.


posted by Emmanuel Okyere in Web Applications on Apr 20, 2006 8:50 AM : 4 comments [permalink]
obligatory first post
my blog used to be at; within the last 8 months or so, I've increasingly become involved with the RIFE framework, found a friendly home and exciting community here, and would like to share some of the things I've found about it with everyone else.

I also dabble in flash/actionscript and have always been interested in merging flash and java. while i've been on my blogging hiatus, adobe has acquired macromedia, and is making moves that would continue to make it compelling to develop to the flash/flex platforms; meanwhile, there are ample stuff going on in the java world with ria too... you know the buzz words...

So join me, on this second try at this blogging thing, as all the kewl things coming up, all the buzz words out there (web 2.0, the whipping boy), as well as the very exciting projects I've been working on in the last few months give me ample fodder to share around.

my new home, :)

-- eokyere
posted by Emmanuel Okyere in general on Mar 16, 2006 6:56 PM : 3 comments [permalink]

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