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Resetting local passwords on Windows
At work we had a problem with a pc where somehow the local administrator account was not accessible anymore, we didn't know the right password or something else was up.
Luckily I found this application: Offline NT password and registry editor, which is a very cool linux bootdisk which can edit your registry, either to reset passwords, or to make other changes.
When changing a user, it offers good documentation and nice menus, which in our case found that the admin account had been locked, and it offered to unlock it and to reset all counters for it, and some other nice automated tricks.
Be aware of the catch that encrypted files for that user are not readable after this trick, but other then that it's a very useful tool.
posted by Maarten Stolte in general on Jun 26, 2007 10:47 AM : 2 comments [permalink]


There must be a brute force tool that can retrieve the encrypted files.

It's just a question whether you have the time of if the files are that important :-)
Re: Resetting local passwords on Windows
Might be, I never knowingly encrypt files using windows, wouldn't know how to anyways. The only thing that I might look at for good protection is

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< Conversations with the X/HTML 5 team   YUI 2.4 released >
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