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Simple small things to improve
When a website is a big as e.g., you'd expect them to at least have nailed the nitty gritty interface details. When I commented on the blog I linked to in the last post, I found these small things which made me wonder why people can't 'put the dot on the i' (pay attention to the last little details) as we say in dutch.
The small details I'm talking about are:
  1. When there is 1 (one) comment, they say '1 comments'. This might be faster to execute (no code needed), but if that's really the reason I would be very much surprised :-)
  2. If you comment on a story and choose 'anonymous', the submit button is still called 'Login and Publish', which was a bit confusing to me. A little Javascript is not too much to ask here is it, and otherwise a different title for the button maybe..
I told you these were little details, but thats where the devil is ;-)
posted by Maarten Stolte in programming on Jun 4, 2006 5:50 PM : 2 comments [permalink]


Re: Simple small things to improve
You are so smart! ;)
Re: Simple small things to improve
well thanks i guess :p

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