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Java licensing issues part 937
I have to agree with this post on nearly all accounts, apart from the LAMP stack one. With frameworks as RIFE and other ones that are attempting to simplify Java, it might have happened if they were around back when PHP was moving in for the P in LAMP, but Java back then was just too inaccesible for the public that PHP attracted. The other arguments are pretty good imho, especially the one about people choosing Java over Javascript if that had been possible, and the one about Mono... If Java had been opener, I'm pretty sure folks would have chosen Java over Mono to do developement, maybe extending Java with some of the features that mono/.net folks say make that a better choice.
posted by Maarten Stolte in programming on Mar 31, 2006 8:42 AM : 3 comments [permalink]


Re: Java licensing issues part 937
You can help shape the future of the platform by making sure your code works well on the free software implementations around GNU Classpath, and contributing to make it much better than Sun's proprietary code.

We don't *have* to be stuck with Sun.

dalibor topic
Re: Java licensing issues part 937
One important thing to note is that PHP hosting is very cheap and there are many providers. Try to find the same for a java application...
Re: Java licensing issues part 937
True as to the many providers, not so true as to hard to find; see

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