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Great Javascripting
Now, why aren't more people using this great javascript? I mean, buttons that *resize* depending on how long the *scrolling* text is, it is so 1996 that it must be the in thing today!
posted by Maarten Stolte in webdesign on Mar 13, 2006 2:23 PM : 4 comments [permalink]


Re: Great Javascripting
I agree, this never fully received the credit as the super-charged version of the blink and marquee tags. :p
Re: Great Javascripting
OMFG! This is so terrible I think it gave me cancer! :p
Re: Great Javascripting
I haven't seen something as ugly as this for quite a while... How did you ever find it, Maarten!?
Does that site have a change-background-color-script as well, now that we're at it? :-)
Re: Great Javascripting
I was looking for a piece of javascript I bumped into, trying to figure out what it was meant to achieve when I bumped into this beauty.

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< Agile web development   Java licensing issues part 937 >
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