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Web design and standards

it's been a while, I promise to blog some more in 2006, a happy new year to you all btw :-)

The things I want to point you to today are of a webdesign nature.

First there is the Web Standards Group, a site with a great mailinglist and other resources for web builders who are determined to making the web work, for everyone.

The mailinglist that belongs to the webstandardsgroup has a cool weekly mail called 'light reading', featuring some links that are well, light reading about webdesign. That list has now also been archived on the web.

Lastly I would like to point out that the very excellent webdeveloper extention for Firefox has been released in a 1.0 version. Whilst your on that site, you also want to install the useragent switcher to avoid the 'only for IE' crap that some 'webdevelopers' force upon you .

posted by Maarten Stolte in webdesign on Jan 9, 2006 4:49 PM : 0 comments [permalink]


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